Our Cluster

A Mātau Tohu Korero Whakamārama
The name Te Whiri Kōkō is a name unique to this region and refers to the flight of a large flock of birds and also implies forward movement and direction. The name is imbedded in local Māori history. The word whiri has connotations of linking or uniting and symbolises all the RTLB in this cluster flying together, united. Kia whiri, kia kotahi ai (we are woven together as one). Kōkō is the sound of the birds.
Our whakataukī is "Mā te huruhuru, ka rere te manu" with feathers, a bird can fly. It relates to the significance of birds in our name and also to the core belief that by working together collaboratively, with integrity we are able to build capacity and create an environment that helps students reach their potential. In essence our service helps the birds (students) to fly.
Our Mission reflects our key role. "Through innovation, caring and excellence, we enhance teacher and school capability to improve student outcomes". This also links us with our Lead School, Freyberg High School. With their mission: innovates, cares, excels.
The Cluster Vision is "To provide a quality RTLB service to cluster schools". This vision provides us with a direction of where we want to go.
The logo design is made up of nine green triangles. These represent the original nine RTLB Clusters that have merged together to make up Cluster 26. Te Whiri Kōkō is one of the largest cluster in number in the country with 38 FTE RTLB, one Cluster Manager, and 114 schools. Te Whiri Kōkō also covers a wide geographical area from the East to the West Coast of the lower North Island with the Manawatu Gorge cutting through the two main mountain ranges; Ruahine and Tararua. Due to the wide geographical area we cover, we run two teams; Northern/Te Tai Tokerau (covering the areas of Palmerston North and Tararua) and Southern/Te Tai Tonga (covering the areas of Otaki, Kāpiti and Horowhenua).