Privacy Statement

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The Resource Teachers Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) service is available to work alongside schools and kura to provide learning support when it is needed for students in Years 1 to 10.  Support includes system wide, targeted or individual support. RTLB work with families/whānau, teachers and schools/kura and clusters of schools to help mokopuna fulfil their learning potential when barriers they face exceed the support from general classroom education and related and available resources.


Te Whiri Kōkō Cluster collects personal information about students to support their learning and ensure that effective services are provided.  Parent/s/caregivers have the right to ask for a copy of any personal information we hold relating to your child/children, and to ask for it to be corrected if it is incorrect. You can request information for an open case directly from the RTLB supporting your child/children.  If it is a closed case, you can request this from the Cluster Manager


Personal information is also used for quality assurance purposes to improve the quality of services provided within the cluster, and for associated administrative and accountability purposes.   Non identifiable information may be collected by the Ministry of Education national office. 


Information may be shared with your child’s school but is not shared with other agencies except where necessary for the provision of services or if authorised or required by law.  It is not compulsory for you to provide any personal information, but we may not be able to provide the most effective service for your child if you don’t.  You, and your child have rights to request access to and correction of personal information held by Te Whiri Kōkō Cluster from the Cluster Manager. 

There are two streams of information gathered: 

1.       In the Request for Support (RFS).  To ensure we get the right support for the student/s, the consent attached to a new RFS also allows us to consult with our Ministry of Education colleagues to see if their input would be of value and if so, further consent from the parents/whānau/guardians will be gained.

2.       Once accepted on to the RTLB service, all information gathered during an open case is used to progress the educational achievement of the student/s we have been requested to support and to provide support to the teacher/s to help them best meet the needs of the student/s.  Before any further referrals or information sharing with other agencies, services or schools, the parent/s/caregivers will give consent.  This may be written or verbal and noted in the casefile on Schoolgate.

The information collected is recorded and stored securely in the cluster electronic database Schoolgate for a period of seven years and then destroyed.   Working documents including electronic and paper documents and files may be held and stored safely in local cluster offices for the duration of the open case and are then safely destroyed. 


After consultation with teachers, schools may request additional support from the RTLB service.  If this request is to support an individual student, the school consults with the parent/s/whānau/guardians of the student.  If both the school and the parents/whānau/guardians agree to have support from the RTLB service, they read the Request for Support (RFS) application form and sign the consent form.   Information collected at the point of RFS includes:

Name                                                                  Date of Birth                         Ethnicity                                                                

Year level                                                          School                                    Contact information

National Student Number (NSN)                   Parent/s/caregiver contact details

Information that relates to the student’s educational achievement, learning and behaviour strengths and needs 

Other information relevant to the student’s educational achievement e.g., a medical condition or diagnosis and any other services or agencies previously or currently involved, language spoken at home.    

If the school requests support for groups of students, it is the school’s responsibility to consult with the parent/s/caregivers to inform them that they are seeking additional support for their child as part of a group and the RTLB service will assume the parent/s/caregivers have been fully informed, and consent given. Typically, a small target group of students are identified not the whole group.

The information gathered for groups of students is:

Name                                                                  Date of Birth                         Ethnicity                                                 Year level

Information that relates to the student’s educational achievement, learning and behaviour strengths and needs. 

Most often only a small representation of students is recorded.

If the school requests support for the whole school or a group of schools, no personal student details are collected.